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Lake Garda Photos are mostly black & white, but you can have it also in sepia or any other virago.

They are mounted or framed in wooden frame, standard size 20x30cm photo and 30x40 frame (mount), or 20x20 photo and 30x30 frame (mount).

Some of them are also full color. They are mounted or framed like the black & white ones.

Lake Garda Postcards - set of twelve black & white postcards all over the Lake Garda.



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Look at Hasselblad Bulletin July 2011 for one of my photos.

Some photos are shut in the hotel rooms as well, or on the lake shore and in the mountains.

Nude & Glamour Photos


Please don't hesitate to ask, if you have some questions regarding photos, prices, shooting, etc.

Fashion - Catwalk




For your web presentation I can give you some photos for free.

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Shooting Munich
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Dec 18 to Dec 19
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Dec 12 to Dec 16

Shooting Munich
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